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DIY Table Top Makeover

One of the first DIY projects that we did inside the camper was replacing the top of the dinette. The laminate was coming off so we knew we had to change it up before our toddlers picked it off!

After scouring the internet for ideas, we decided to go with a pretty easy update that we learned about from a friend: decoupage collage.

Time spent: 3-5 hours

Items Used [affiliate links included*]:


Step 1: Remove the laminate from the table top.

Step 2: Go through magazines [or you could use wrapping paper/hand-drawn art/etc] and cut out your favorite images/quotes.

Step 3: Arrange the clippings on the tabletop.

Step 4: Trim the outer edges [we used an exacto knife for the rounded edges].

Step 5: Snap a photo of the layout to use later.

Step 6: Transfer the collage layout to the floor or another hard surface.

Step 7: Paint modgepodge on a small area of the table for your first image application.

Step 8: Paint modgepodge on the back of the picture and stick it to the table. Repeat!

Step 9: Once all photos are placed, coat the entire table top with thin layers of modgepodge (we did 3 coats).

Step 10: Spray 3-5 layers of the sealant topcoat — make sure to wait the directed time between coats.

Step 11: Enjoy!


We’ve used this table for the last three years and it’s held up super well. We’ve spilled food and drink on it, marked it with pen and crayon, and we also use the dinette as a bed. The backing of the cushions darkened the table top a bit over time, but we easily got it off with a magic eraser and now add a layer between. [TJFJ Tip: place a thin blanket on top of the table as a barrier before putting the cushions on to keep it looking new!]

We also give it a good clean and spray a few layer of top coat sealant every six months or before a lengthy camping trip.

Spray with Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer every six months or so.

Want to give it a try?? Send us a message or comment below with your DIY decoupage project pic.

*Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We purchased this item and are posting the link as we are happy to share a good buy.


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