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Beach School!

Since our school district has mandated 100% distance learning until January 2021, we’ve decided to take advantage of our truck camper and the beautiful beaches nearby.

Front row learning at our local state beach

We renewed our California State Parks Annual Pass last month so that we can hit the beach parking lots for school and then enjoy a beach day with all the comforts of home. This is just one of the many perks of owning a truck camper – we basically fit in any standard parking spot with our tiny home on wheels!

[And if mom and dad have to sit with the kids, we may as well have a sweet view!]

Although it won’t be a daily occurrence, we’re going to attempt beach school at least one day a week and we have also booked a couple of short trips at nearby campgrounds that have cell service.

The kids start their distance learning day with a virtual class at 8:45 AM. The first few times that we’ve beach schooled, we ate breakfast at home and then packed up the surfboards and school supplies in the morning since the kids had school the day before. If we go on a Monday, we’ll probably pack up the night before.

The kids have their distance learning desks all set up at home, so instead of taking supplies back and forth, we’ve made them school travel bags with a second set of supplies.

The Johnson Fam Jam Tip: Having a travel bag makes it easier because we just have to add the iPads and notebooks. It also keeps our home supply area organized [because as a parent, we all know how easy it is for things to get misplaced!]

Sidenote: we picked up the white headphone splitter for road trips so both kids could watch the same movie, but this little device has been so useful for our distance learning [in particular with our kinder kiddo since one parent always listens in on his Spanish classes]. We highly recommend this 5-Way Multi Headphone Splitter! It’s affordable and comes in a bunch of different colors. See affiliate disclosure* below.

We haven’t upgraded our internet service plans or purchased any wifi gadgets/boosters yet — so far we’ve been able to hot spot off of our phones without issue. Both kids have been able to successfully attend their virtual classes and do the follow up exercises simultaneously.

Depending on the day, one or both kids will have up to an hour and a half “break” in the morning. During this time, we’ll either do independent learning or take them out for a surf [this counts as phys. ed, right?!]

After we’ve completed all the online classes, we usually have lunch and complete the remaining online independent learning activities.

Lunch by the beach! Yes please!

Then it’s time to play! Schools out!

Have you done distance learning in your camper? What are your tips and stories? We’d love to hear from you, so comment below or send us your advice/questions 🙂

*Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We purchased this item and are posting the link as we are happy to share a good buy.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I love seeing how people choose to “make lemonade out of lemons” during this pandemic. Not only are your kids still learning, they’re learning important life skills regarding resiliency and making your own happiness!!!

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